BizTechTalk Show: Sean Murphy

BIZTECH TALK – Sean Murphy talking “Camo to Commerce” – Creating no cost tailored training programs for your business with transitioning active duty service members

BizTechTalk Show: Stephen Buchanan

Stephen Buchanan, CEO & Founder of creates a new way for anyone to hire a Vet for short or long term employment

BizTechTalk Show: Chris Winters

We are talking about Employing Veterans with Chris Winters, Int’l Union Of Painters & Allied Trades

BizTechTalk Show: Bill Sweatman

BIZTECH TALK – Bill Sweatman, Professional Contractor, discussing the important points to know when hiring a building/remodeling contractor for a successful project outcome.

BizTechTalk Show: Walter Jackson

BIZTECH TALK – Walter Jackson from the company Deals Ashore. Talking about his new mobile app which finds local “deals” for you instantly while providing plenty of great analytics for the business owner/dealer.

BizTechTalk Show: Yvonne Taylor

BIZTECH TALK – Yvonne Taylor, Disussing How N2 Publishing is building communities through their publications and outreach

BizTechTalk Show: Danna Bailey

BIZTECH TALK – Danna Bailey discusses the building of a profitable Community Broadband network in Chattanooga TN.

BizTechTalk Show: Doug Miller

Former Tacoma City Councilman Doug Miller discusses: Should Tacoma keep or sell the Click! broadband network?

BizTechTalk Show: Michael Wright

Michael Wright, Owner of “Kronic Connection” & “Puff & Stuff Pipes and Accessories” discusses the challenges integrating the medical cannabis collectives with the I-502 recreational Marijuana laws.

BizTechTalk Show: Ben Erickson

BIZTECHTALK – Developing the leaders of tomorrow with author Ben Erickson, “Tell Them They Are Chosen.”