BizTechTalk Show: Crystal Andrus Morissette

BIZTECH TALK – Crystal Andrus Morissette – What is Emotional Age and how does it impact our lives and businesses?

BizTechTalk Show: Allison Taylor

Allison Taylor – Elify, A new digital personal assistant helping entrepreneurs and home-based business owners to organize themselves for optimal success

BizTechTalk Show: Michelle Tennant Nicholson

Michelle Tennant Nicholson –  Landmark, an international training and development company giving people the tools to produce breakthrough results in their lives.

BizTechTalk Show: Adam Markel

Adam Markel, Author of “Pivot – The Art and Science of Re-Inventing Your Life”

BizTechTalk Show: Levi Lyon

Levi Lyon of “The Lyon’s Den” Promotions and event development in the world of entertainment.

BizTechTalk Show: Joey Cohn

Saving KPLU and becoming a Community Licensed  Radio Station with Joey Cohn, Station Manager at KPLU

BizTechTalk Show: Harry Brelsford & Grant Thompson

Windows 10 and Office 365 integration into your business with Harry Brelsford and Grant Thompson of SMB Nation

BizTechTalk Show: Carrie Hernandez

Getting the facts on developing a methanol plant in Tacoma with Carrie Hernandez, Citizens for a Healthy Bay

BizTechTalk Show: Paul Long

Building a business relationship with your banker with Paul Long of Timberland Bank

BizTechTalk Show: Louise Tieman

Louise Tieman, President/CEO, Tacoma World Trade Center – Beyond the plan, building a strategy for success in business and your personal career.